Monday, August 4, 2008

Awww Honey!

Here are some awesome facts about honey and why you should be using yours:

* In an archaeological dig in 1905, vessels that were uncorked by the archaeologists still contained honey that was almost liquid but still preserved it's scent after thousands of years. That means that honey lasts a long, long time making it a SUPER item for your food storage.

*Honey is antimicrobial. Sweet!

*Honey contains less calories than refined sugar and can be easily substituted for sugar in almost any recipe!

*Even if your sugar has crystallized, you can heat it and it'll be as good as new.

So...If you have lots of honey stashed and you haven't used it, now is the time.

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Chuck & Kathy said...

I love honey. I'm happy to hear all the good stuff. The 3 inspired basics of food storage are mostly misunderstood. Initially it dosen't look like it fit most situations but it does. There's so much more to the these 3 that meet the eye. They're like the Isaiah of food storage. At first you just look at your 1,200 lb. wheat gorilla (300 lbs for ea per) in your home and on top of that his buddies Milk and Honey and you wonder where to put them in your home till...Surely there's not enough space under the beds for this fine stash. You can't make enough faux Food Storage couches and tables to accomodate. And how long will it be till you'll need it. Who eats that way anyway? Hmmm. "The Gods Must Be Crazy" (name of a very funny movie) some might be tempted to say. But we know that everytime Father speaks to His Prophets, it is for the safety & benefit of we His children. So like the brother of Jared & the help of diligent sisters like you we find ways to use our food storage day to day in healthy & delicious ways. The "pantry" method is so wise and do-able for everday living. And the big plus is the savings and simple way to obey. Thank for for the work you do to keep us up to date.