Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A quick tip for getting the kids to drink powdered milk

I can't remember where I got this tip, but it's mine now-ha! I regularly use my powdered milk in any recipe that calls for milk and none is the wiser. However, drinking it straight can be a little bit tricky for the kids and adults-me included. It has come to my attention that Morning Moo's is very drinkable, and others may have come across some that are very easy on the palate. That being said, what do you do with year's supply you already have in storage? The answer is easy my dears, simply store syrup, chocolate or strawberry and add it to the mix before serving. The transformation is amazing and your kidlets will eagerly gulp it down. I have chocolate syrup in my food storage cache for that reason alone, and I assure you, the shelf life is very long.

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