Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bread Making 101-V The last and final chapter

Depending on the temperature, humidity et cetera, et cetera, you're loaves should have doubled in size after about 1 1/2 hours:

After you are done baking they should look like this, all toasty and warm:

And now they are ready for the tummy (to get a better handle on your slices refrigerate or partially freeze for a cleaner cut) :

You should realize now that bread making is largely experimental. There are "good bread" days and "bad bread" days, but mostly the bread turns out well with just a few idiosyncrasies. For instance, I think that my batch of yeast is not as fresh as needs be, but the bread will be fine. It just won't be as fluffy as I like. Also, I should have just made one decent size loaf and maybe a few rolls because the loaf was so tiny, but is it going to kill me? Nah, it's just a preference. What ever you do, don't give up and email me for heaven's sake if you have a question.


Chuck & Kathy said...

LOVE YOUR FSD SITE. disreguard my post looking for it. I'm starting my wheat sprouts at K-smiles home to add to my juice. I left our FS recipe book from reunion with nana to copy for all of us and wondered if you have a recipe for making yogurt w/powdered milk in it? Also looking for your great recipe for those healthy granola cookies that you can eat for breakfast. Can you post that when you get it? Thanks. Love you. Mom

Mom said...

You slice after they are baked. Freezing or refrigerating helps you to get a neater and thinner cut. Voila!