Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bread Making 101-Part II

Next, add all of your remaining ingredients with the exception of the water. You can dump it all in, but I think the more gingerly you do it, the better. You can do this by hand, but I prefer to use the Kitchen Aid to do my bidding (that's the dough hook on there if you're not already familiar).

Start your engines now and add your water slowly (note: I rarely use all of the alloted amount). Scrape the sides as you go along; you should start to see the dough pulling away from the sides and making a ball (it doesn't need to be a perfect ball, but somewhat of a ball shape):

You should be ready to take your little bread baby out when it looks like this:

It may look a little wetter than usual, wetter dough means that your bread will be a little bit lighter and moist; and I like it that way darling! If your dough is still really sticky and is plastered to everything when you try to take it out, it's way too wet.

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