Thursday, December 18, 2008

Taste testing MRE's & a GIVEAWAY!

A little while back we had an emergency FHE. I told the fam that they had 3 minutes to grab everything they would need for a long trip because we had to leave our house immediately. I set the timer and we all went to work. After the buzzer went off, we rushed into the car and took off to our designated family meeting place. It was interesting to see what the kids brought (a bucket, a stuffed animal, a pair of shorts and underwear). It was more interesting to see what we had in our 72 hour kits to survive on. What an eye opener! While I had done a really great job on packing clothes, food, blankets, tents, etc. I had failed to pack many other things that would help our family in an emergency. For instance, we had no water (I managed to find only 1 bottle in the diaper bag) and I forgot to pack any formula for the baby. We were also missing a shovel, matches, a water purifier and the list goes on. We were able to cook a decent meal from what I packed and we had a fun time testing the MRE's. It was so helpful to us to see how our 72 kits would work and better yet what wouldn't work. We made a list then and there of things that we would need and added them to our kits.

I added this information for two reasons. First as a reminder to try out your kits and secondly to do a little plug for MRE's. Now MRE's aren't glamorous and all, but they're very lightweight, last a looooooong time and most of them are really good (some of the meals already come with heating elements-how great is that?). I also like them because they're ready to eat. If you're in an emergency, the last thing you want to do is think about what to make. You need something fast and nutritious. Now, I wouldn't go all crazy and only have MRE's in your food storage, but it's a nice add on.

Now for the fun part-test tasting. I purchased 3 MRE desserts from Emergency essentials (I think they were $1 each).

The first was a Chocolate Chunk Brownie-very good, definitely a keeper.
The second was a Filled French Toast- Like a little cake, kind of dry, has a syrup in the middle, pretty good. Nice for a snack.
The third was the Almond Poppy Seed Pound Cake-Really great lemon & poppy seed favor. A little dry and crumbly. But probably a close tie with the Chocolate Chunk for yummy goodness. I wonder if it might be too crumbly for a kit though. Our kits are always squished in the back of the car.

And a little F.Y.I. On my Yardsalemonkey site I'm doing a giveaway. You can enter up until midnight tonight. Click HERE to go directly there.


Chuck & Kathy said...

Thanks for the reminder. It would be fun if we all signed up for a 72hr testing blog. It is for a year and everyone who joins agrees to get a random call to do just what your family did. They get points to shop with at your site or you can give them something for food storage like the MRE's or something else useful according to how prepared they were. No one knows when they'll get the call. They have to post their results so we all can see where we need to beef up on. If you don't maybe I will and link to you.

Thanks for your hard work. I love what you do because you test out your offerings. I love how you kept at it till you got the perfect ww tortilla from what you have in your food storage.

Sara said...

I just found your blog through a link on a friend's blog and I love it! I wish I still lived in Utah so I could go to your classes at Macey's. (man I miss that store!) I now live in tornado alley and have been quite the vigilante when it comes to being prepared. I have found some really great ideas from your blog and can't wait to try them out. Thanks for all the great info!!!

~Sara, in Kansas City.