Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Goldfish and raisins and candy-OH MY!

One of the many reasons I think lots of people don't get into food storage is it's lack of variety. The food storage basics are wonderful for many reasons, but they're meant to be the backbone of your storage; not the whole enchilada. What if you could have more than just wheat, milk, beans and rice? What if you could add cookies, raisins, chocolate chips, crackers, etc.. and the list goes on and on? And I'm talking about storing these items for as long as your wheat does. And I'm talking about storing these items inexpensively. Wanna know the trick? It's easy.

Did you know that by using a vacuum sealer, you can seal pretty much anything in an air-tight Mason jar and have it last for years and years to come? Basically, you use a vacuum sealer (you need one with an attachment port), sterilize some jars and lids and plop your items into a jar (one note, jar usage is for dry, shelf stable items, never perishable or powdery). Cover your jar with just a lid and pop your jar attachment over the top. Instructions may vary according to which type you have, but you'll need to vacuum seal until you hear the "plink" (or the lid being sucked in; you've pretty much heard the same thing when you've opened a jar before). And voila, you're done! If you want to know the nitty-gritty on the process, then you'll need to visit Wendy DeWitt's blog, scroll down half-way to the bottom and under Food Storage tips you can get the details of what to do. Fabulous, fabulous ideas!

Also, my friend Mrs. 101 listed a deal on her site for a vacuum sealer, it looks like a good one too. You can click HERE for the link. Please email me at siufanua@juno.com if you have any questions.

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Jodi @ Food Storage Made Easy said...

Thank you thank you thank you for sharing this. We get quiet a lot of comments asking for tips on how to store more "normal" and "snack" foods for longer periods of time. I didn't have a good answer to provide until now. Fabulous idea!!!