Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Awesome food storage class & more taste testing

Okay, so the food storage lady that I worship, Wendy DeWitt, is going to be doing a food storage class here in Salem, Utah! She's that taught me how to put virtually anything in a jar (cookies, raisins, chocolate chips, candy, crackers, coconut, etc, etc, etc) and make it last for years. She also taught me about 52week meal planning, bottling butter, pressure canning and lots more. Here is the info if you want to attend:

November 13th, 2008 7-9 p.m.
Salem Community Center
Call 423-2770 ext. o (to put your name on the list)
$2 at the door
Take the Spanish Fork Exit

I'll take notes and post the info later. I have a link on the side if you want to check out what she already has on the web.

And now for the taste testing (that's the best part right?).......
Here's an alternative to powdered milk: Parmalat. This is shelf-stable milk that has a 6 month shelf life (you likely can use it after that, but you'll lose some nutrients). It's pretty darn good too. When it's nice and chilled, you might not notice any difference from the fresh stuff. Now, don't just take my word for it, you can buy a box (quart size?) for about $1.50 at Wallymart and try it yourself.

And yet another favorite food storage item to report on, Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sandwiches.
Mountain House has oodles of freeze dried foods and I HAD to try this one and it was sooooo good. Even though they were crispy (well, for heaven's sake, they are freeze dried) they are worth having some around. Throw some in your 72 hour kit, or keep a small box around for when you're stuck in a bomb shelter and have nothing better to do. Whatever. But you can try one out at Emergency Essentials in Orem for about $2 each.


FamiLee said...

You make life interesting! Thanks for making food storage look like a party!

How do you solve a problem like Malia? said...

Thanks Heidie!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

When I lived in France, all of the milk was just like that. They didn't have any fresh milk in the grocery stores. It was quite surprising! But it is pretty good. It's much better chilled or served as hot chocolate. If you like to drink milk straight from a glass, you may need a bit of getting used to this milk. But it's wonderful for emergencies. One of our sons has a milk allergy, so we have tons of Rice Dream milk in containers just like this in our basement.